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At ContentWriter we select our writers with care, making sure that they have the necessary skills and experience, but also the right attitude. We created this profile page, so that you have some background information about the writer behind your project. In the end, our writers are the spill of the company, so why should they be operating in the background?

Professional writer since : 2013

Motivation to become a writer : Writing has been my passion from the moment I could hold a pen. Language and grammar are things that come easy to me and I enjoy puzzling with words and sentences.

Experience: Started with writing articles and blogs for SEO purposes. Wrote for various companies in the Netherlands and later on also in the United States. Gained a lot of experience over the years with not only writing articles, but also website content, company profiles and content strategy.

Expertise: writing website content, articles and blogs, SEO, editing and proofreading, translating EN-NL and NL-EN.

Writing topics: I’m experienced in writing about a lot of different topics such as construction, legal work, e-commerce, fashion, travel and general website content.

Professional writer since : 2011

Motivation to become a writer : I'm a professional copywriter from the UK, able to produce stunning work in a variety of different fields. That makes the work fun.

Experience: I've been lucky enough to work with a number of large companies during my time as a writer, and have even managed to get published in the online versions of the Independent and the Daily Express. It doesn't matter whether I'm writing for an international business or a start-up though, as my goals are always the same: to provide content that exceeds every client's expectations.

Expertise: For me, research is key, and much of my time is spent delving into different niches, before I even place a finger on the keyboard and begin typing. The result? Well-informed content, with the ability to inspire, instruct and educate.

Writing topics: News articles, journalism, product reviews, SEO articles and more.

Professional writer since: 2011

Motivation to become a writer: Freedom to work from anywhere on earth and unlimited earning potential based on my writing skills and exposure.

Experience: The past five years I have written articles and website content about different topics for various companies.

Expertise: Blog writing, Press release, copy writing, Product description, Web contents, Guest post, Travel articles, Business related articles, Technical articles.

Writing topics: Anything and everything. However I am expert in technical, health and travel blogs. 

Professional writer since: 2010

Motivation to become a writer: I take great pride in designing websites and improving websites by writing quality content. I enjoy to keep working on my skills and took Freelance Writing Courses for this purpose. 

Experience: Established publisher with over 80 articles published in different websites and active forum contributor. I have worked for both local and international clients in different capacities as a freelance writer, ghost writer and blog contributor.

Expertise: SEO writing, articles, blogs, web content and product reviews.

Writing topics: I believe I am highly proficient with all skills and knowledge needed to produce high quality and unique articles on different topics in a number of niches.

Professional writer since: 1997

Motivation to become a writer: Writing allows me to use my communication skills, analytical skills and solution-oriented approach to help others.

Experience: I am a qualified Chemical Engineer with extensive experience in recruitment, specializing in the engineering and technical fields. Resume writing has always been part of my job. More recently, I have been writing website content and blogs for clients across a wide range of industries.

Expertise: Blogs, website content, SEO, content research, resume writing.

Writing topics: Products and topics covered have included cosmetics, wood veneers, home construction and remodeling, electrical equipment, business software and electronic displays for commercial, industrial and military applications.

Professional writer since: 2011

Motivation to become a writer: My love for writing started with a passion for reading many, many years ago. Once I began school, I excelled in English and started experimenting with writing my own poems, essays and stories. When it was time to choose a career path, I followed my heart and am very happy that I spend my days doing what I love the most. Writing has been a part of my life since I can remember and, in many ways, it is what makes me, me.

Experience: I have written for a variety of brands including Unilever, Dove, Vaseline, Knorr, Radox, Flora, Axe, Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau, Soviet Denim, Cleanipedia and more.

Expertise: I have a solid background in SEO and SEO writing. I also specialise in content marketing, copy writing, blog writing, press releases and proofreading.

Writing topics: I have advanced research skills and so I possess the ability to write about anything and everything. However, topics which I enjoy the most, and know plenty about, include: Beauty, Health and Wellness, Fitness, Digital Marketing, Personal Finance, Insurance, Pet Care, Housekeeping, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Dating and Travel.

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