Boost Traffic with High Quality, Unique Website Content

There are many different reasons how and why you can boost the traffic on your website by publishing high quality, unique content. We don’t have time to list them all, so below are four of the best reasons why high quality content can help your website to achieve a surge in traffic – in no particular order.

  1. SEO: Search engines love high quality, unique content – that’s no secret. Strangely enough, people still think that they can get away with publishing duplicate or “spun” content. The problem is, there may be short term gains for people that do that – but in the long term search engines always come down hard on those using shady tactics to rank. The genie was out of the bottle a long time ago on this one, but Google Panda updates are designed to filter sites containing low quality, duplicate content from the search results. Another good thing about publishing high quality content is that people are likely to link to it from their own website or blog. We all know that back links are an important part of SEO, so wouldn’t it be great if you could sit back and relax whilst your readers build them organically for you?
  2. Users are more likely to share it on social media: If your website has great content that jumps off the page at readers they’re likely to share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Of course when people see their friends sharing links they’re likely to check them out for themselves – give people what they want and they’ll do the sharing for you! Social media signals are a key part of SEO campaigns nowadays and they can’t be easily forged or replicated. Therefore if you want strong social signals around your website, it’s time to start publishing high quality content that’s actually worthy of being shared!
  3. Improve PPC quality score: Some people think that PPC campaigns are all about money. Whilst they are for the most part, PPC platforms like AdWords and Bing Ads also have a metric known as a quality score. This score is there to determine how relevant your website is to the keywords that you’re targeting. The higher the relevancy, the cheaper your ad clicks will be. You’ll also benefit from high placement in paid listings. Just one of the factors PPC networks use when calculating a quality score is the content on your website. Poor content means a poor quality score – which in turn means high costs per click and poor advert visibility.
  4. People will return time and again: If you see a website that you really, really like, the chances are that you’ll visit it time and again. Some people bookmark sites in their internet browser – other people just remember the URL or site name. One of the best ways to get traffic as a webmaster is through returning visitors. Give your visitors a really good reason to return – give them high quality unique content, that way you know they’ll never be gone for long!

So there you have it – a very strong case for how and why you can build traffic to your website by publishing high quality, unique content. Nothing we’ve said is particularly groundbreaking, but if you’re always wondering why people go on about “Content is King” – now you know why! Publishing high quality content doesn’t just have the one advantage – it has many different merits across the board.

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