Can a Website Ever Have Too Much Content?

While most websites out there don’t have enough content on them, there are an increasing number of people asking whether or not a website can ever have too much content. There’s no straightforward answer to this question, but on a page level it’s definitely possible to have too much content – it’s also possible to have too many pages too!

Why do people publish excessive content?

Perhaps the most common reason why people knowingly publish excess content is due to SEO. People think that if they fill a website with hundreds of pages of content, they’re guaranteed top search engine rankings. Whilst high quality website content can help your rankings, there’s no use publishing low quality content just for the sake of it – because it’s expensive and it won’t have a great effect.

Search engines want to see lots of high quality content that’s accessible to your website visitors – they also want to see people taking the time to read the content. They don’t want to see pages upon pages of content that are really hard to locate, pages that never even get read.

Instead of spending money on ten low quality pages of content, you should spend money on just one really high quality page of content. High quality content draws in readers and it encourages people to link back to your website – it also encourages people to share links to your site on social media. If you give visitors really good content to read, they’ll spread the word about your site for you.

Strategise your content

There’s no problem with uploading lots of content to a website as long as it’s all interesting, unique and valuable to your readers. Instead of just uploading lots of pages like they’re going out of fashion, you should instead be strategic about how you upload the content. Look for opportunities to introduce a blog to your website – or even a knowledgebase. Having hundreds of pages is absolutely fine as long as they’re arranged and organised properly – making them accessible as and when a visitor needs to find them.

By employing the use of a content strategy you can explore opportunities for new content, you can also schedule the arrival of your new content. Buying content for a website isn’t always cheap – so if you lay out a plan for adding content you can gradually add more pages until your plan has been completed. It certainly beats taking the scatter gun approach and adding content here and there without any real reason for doing so.

The answer to the original question is “yes” – but only if the content is disorganised and of low quality. If you spend time arranging content so it’s accessible, and you make sure all of the content on your website offers genuine value to your readers, it’s hard to have “too much” content on your website.

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