Content is King… Right?

It’s a bit of a cliché no doubt: “Content is King”. What exactly does it mean though? Well, put simply, it means that content is the most important aspect of a website, aside from the domain name and the hosting the site is on. Without high quality content, a website just isn’t a website.

What is a website without words?

A website without words isn’t much use. Even if you’re planning to sell your services or products through pictures, there still needs to be a few words on your site.

Lots of websites out there have an abundance of words on them, but the problem is that they don’t make a lot of sense. Increasingly webmasters are of the belief that cramming a site full of low quality content is the best way to please search engines. This approach is wrong. Search engines would rather see one page of high quality, research content writing that has drawn hundreds of organic back links, versus ten drab, dull pages written in broken English with lots of manufactured links pointing to them.

The old saying “quality of quantity” springs to mind. As search engine algorithms become increasingly refined and smarter, they’ll be better equipped to sort thin sites boasting high quality content, from colossal sites full of junk content.

One thing that webmasters try to do is to save a few dollars or pounds on content writing services by doing it all themselves. Whilst this may be cost effective, if you’ve not got experience in writing website content, there’s a high chance that the work just won’t be up to scratch – and it won’t be properly optimised for sales or search engines.

Usability versus Search Engine Optimisation

There are lots of webmasters out there that approach the building and maintenance of their site with tunnel vision. On one side of the camp are those that are only concerned with usability – they might go all out to make customers happy, but if their site isn’t properly optimised for search engines, traffic may only come in drips and drabs, and high search engine rankings may never be achieved.

On the other hand, there are those people that only think about Search Engine Optimisation – they cram websites with keyword stuffed writing that doesn’t make a blind bit of sense. This keyword stuffing approach may have worked two or three years ago, but in 2013 it just doesn’t cut the mustard. Users hate it, and search engines hate it. If you spend more time worrying about keyword density than you do about providing high quality, engaging content, there’s a problem somewhere along the line!

There’s no better investment than high quality website content

A few years ago people would tell you that the best investment was links – after all back links were very much the core to SEO back then. People found that by building hundreds or even thousands of low quality links, they could get their websites to sit pretty in the search engine rankings – bringing them in lots of high quality traffic.

Recent updates by search engines such as Google have put a stop to this shady (or “black hat”) practice however. Low quality, mass-placed back links are no longer tolerated – sites with a poor back link portfolio are automatically demoted in the search engine results. Likewise, websites with low quality or thin content are also suffering as a result. Whereas before you could lift someone else’s content and rank your own site using it, or even “spin” the content so it was largely unique, search engines have become to wise this. There’s no two ways about it today: High quality website content that’s totally unique is the only way to go.

Of course things like META data and back links still have a part to play in SEO, but you’ll find that content is definitely King. Remember it’s not just SEO that webmasters need to care about – it’s functionality and user friendliness. After all, if your website is home to thin content that has been written by someone with a poor grasp of English (or whatever language the content is in), how do you expect to win the acclaim of readers – or even convert them into sales?

Here at we’re under no illusions – the only balance that needs to be found nowadays is the balance between in depth compelling website content, and highly tuned copywriting that’s geared towards turning users into customers and clients, earning you sales.

We understand how to create great content, and we fully appreciate that content is most definitely King. Do you?

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