Copywriting: It’s Not What You Think It Is!

Not a day goes by when a client comes to us looking for “copywriting”. They assure us they need copywriting for their brand new website – but it usually transpires that they don’t require copywriting at all, just general website content writing. We’re not entirely sure how the confusion arises, but in this post we’ll explain what copywriting is and why it’s so different from content writing, blog writing and the other services that we offer.

A quick definition of copywriting

You’ll usually find copywriting in short bursts – it’s basically writing that’s in place to make a sale. So when you go on a jewellery website and you see a small paragraph underneath each item, that’s usually copywriting. Copywriting is short, sharp and straight to the point – it’s concise and it’s optimised to sell things to people.

Copywriting is very useful if you run a website such as an ecommerce business, or a lead generation site. Copywriting can help push visitors to convert into paying customers or clients.

Lots of clients that come to us confuse copywriting with general content writing – the fact is that most content on a website is factual and information – but it is not copywriting.

We offer a copywriting service

What you should bear in mind is that we do offer copywriting – but there’s no use buying highly tuned sales copy to publish on pages on your website where it’s not really required – an “about” page for example.

If clients contact us looking for copywriting and we believe they actually require standard website content writing, we’ll always let them know. It’s then up to the client to decide whether or not to take our advice and settle for website content instead – or whether they want to press ahead and order the copywriting they originally requested.

We don’t like to provide content that’s not going to be useful for customers which is why we’ll always offer our expert advice. So if you come to us asking for copywriting but you really just need website content – we’ll make sure you get what you require. If on the other hand you come to us looking for highly tuned sales copy to ensure that your new squeeze pages convert at a rate never before witnessed, we can help you too!

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help with your copywriting, content writing, blog writing, article writing and pretty much any other writing task that you could imagine.

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