Ecommerce: Content Is the Best Investment You Can Make!

If you run an ecommerce business you’ll probably have hundreds if not thousands of pages full of products on your website. If those pages are crammed with original manufacturer’s descriptions and other text that has been copied and pasted across most of your site, your rankings could be non-existent. Here at we’re going to let you into a little secret: As an ecommerce business owner content is the best investment that you can make.

Duplicate content is bad, very bad!

Recent Google Panda updates have targeted websites that contain large amounts of duplicated content. The Panda algorithm has been introduced to weed out sites using duplicated content – slashing their rankings significantly in a lot of cases.

Some clients come to us and ask why big name websites such as Amazon can rank well with pages upon pages of duplicate content. The answer is simple: is a Page Rank 8 website – meaning it has a great deal of authority in the eyes of Google (as well as other search engines). If Amazon’s pages have duplicate content on them they can still rank because of the overall authority the site carries in the search engine results – whereas if you try ranking a brand new or relatively un-authoritative site with duplicate content, you’d find it nigh on impossible to get your site to the top of the results for your desired keywords.

The equation is simple really – if 100 websites all use the same stock description, search engines have to make a choice as to which website to rank first. If your website has little or no PageRank or authority it has no chance at all of ranking against the big boys like Amazon. If search engine traffic is something you want to attract (and let’s face it, for most people it is), you’ll have to replace the duplicate content on your website sooner rather than later.

Content should be optimised to “make the sale”

Standard manufacturer descriptions don’t usually include sales copy. Instead they tell you all kinds of weird and wonderful information about the product in question – but they don’t really try to entice a customer to buy the product. Every good ecommerce website should have content on it that tries to close the sale – or seal the deal as some might say. Instead of just having 400 words that bore readers to tears, you should chop down the product descriptions on your website, make them more concise and weave some copywriting into them.

If that all sounds like a bit of an impossible task to you, don’t worry. Let’s face it, getting the balance right between giving enough details to your visitors and optimising for sales can be difficult. Factor in SEO keywords and it might seem like you’re juggling a few too many requirements. Here at we’ve got a great deal of experience when it comes to writing 100% unique, search engine optimised product descriptions that are also setup perfectly to “make the sale”. Don’t believe us? Why not try the content writing service that we offer today! We specialise in high quality product descriptions – and our high capacity means that we’re able to turnaround projects involving thousands of descriptions in just a matter of days.

Previous clients that we’ve worked with approached us after various Google Panda updates. They lost rankings and inevitably lost rankings as a consequence. By publishing fresh, unique product descriptions and website content they were able to regain those rankings and start seeing good levels of traffic once again.

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