Five Reasons Your Blog Readership Is Dwindling

There’s not a whole lot of point in publishing a blog if no one is ever going to read it. Of course there are some people out there who keep blogs that are more like personal diaries, but on the whole, blog owners want people to read their posts. If you’ve got a blog full of high quality content but you’re struggling to bring in traffic, or even watching as traffic figures plummet, here are five possible reasons why:

  1. Your content isn’t great: A blog is only as good as its content. If the words on your blog are boring, dull and offer no value to readers, you can bet that people won’t bother looking at your site. The easy fix here is to publish high quality blog posts that offer value to your readers: News, tutorials, how-tos, reviews and other forms of blog that are going to be of genuine interest to your target audience.
  2. Your META tags suck: OK – it’s a weird one, but the META tags published on each page on your site are the small excerpts shown to searchers when they come across your site in the search engine results pages. If your META tags don’t grab the attention of users and give them a reason to click through to your site as opposed to the other sites on the page, you’ll lose visitors. Make sure all of your META tags are unique and they entice users to click through to your site.
  3. Your site looks awful: If your site’s design doesn’t look great, it could be putting people off browsing. Likewise, if your site is incredibly difficult to navigate, it could be putting people off browsing your site. Usability and design are really important when it comes to maintaining and growing a blog audience – make sure your site is fit for purpose and not holding you back.
  4. Your site is slow to load: It’s fair to say that the majority of us nowadays are pretty damn impatient. No one wants to wait more than a couple of seconds for a page to load – if a page hasn’t loaded in that time we’ll probably lose interest and look at a different site. It’s worth checking how quickly (or slowly) your site loads – a hosting provider switch could be the answer to your dwindling traffic stats.
  5. No one’s linking to your site or sharing your blogs on social media: A huge proportion of traffic to blogs tends to come from recommendations. They usually occur on other blogs when people write things like: “I really enjoyed this post over at Emma’s blog – here’s the link have a look for yourself”. People will also share links to blogs they like on social media. One way in which you can boost the amount of links pointing to your site is to find out what people want from you – then act on that information. If people are dying for product reviews, give them some! If they’re excited and interested by the content you provide, they’re far more likely to share it. Would you bother sharing blog posts that are rubbish?

There are many different reasons why blog readerships fluctuate – but if you’ve noticed that yours is on a downward trajectory, it’s time for you to work out why and put right the causes. A blog with no readers isn’t a whole lot of use – so monitor traffic levels carefully and think of practical ways in which you can maintain or even increase your readership.


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