Five Tips for Better Blog Engagement

If you write a blog it’s great to get feedback from readers and see interaction around the things that you write. A lot of blog owners out there tend to fill their site full of content without really thinking about engagement. Think about it this way: What’s the point in taking lots of time to write great posts if no one’s going to read them? Here are five fantastic tips anyone can use to drive engagement around their blog – hopefully bringing in more traffic in the process!

  • Allow comments: Lots of blog owners out there have comments disabled for one reason or another. You’ll find that in most content management systems (CMS) it’s just a case of changing a simple setting to allow comments on your blog. Allowing comments is the first thing that you should do in your pursuit of increased engagement on your blog – it gives visitors and readers a voice! Without the ability to leave comments, how are people supposed to engage?
  • Respond to comments: Allowing comments is only half the job – if readers take their time to write messages and comments on your blog, you should take a little time out to respond to them where necessary. Engagement is a two way thing – so don’t just leave those that comment on your blog to their own devices – engage with them!
  • Install social media buttons: Some users won’t like the idea of leaving a comment on your blog. They’d much rather engage with you and other readers via social media. Whether that engagement involves messaging you to say thanks for the blog – or even discussing topics raised with others through social media websites. Some people may just want to share a link to your website via social media – or “Like” or follow your social media channels. Make sure you install those all important buttons so that social media interaction is easy on your blog. Again, installing these buttons is usually very easy on most blog CMS.
  • Invite guest posts: Letting other people publish work on your blog can be very rewarding – it can be a welcome addition to any great blog. It gives other people the chance to push their ideas and views to your readers, which in turn gives readers a bit of variety. Guest blog posts shouldn’t replace your posts – but they should complement them. Some blog owners publish a couple of guest posts per week – others just publish them every now and then. Guest blog posts do offer a lot of value to readers in many cases so if you want to drive discussion and engagement on your blog, it’s time to give them some serious thought.
  • Guest blog on other sites: By getting your name “out there” and making posts on other blogs in your niche, you can pull in lots of new readers to your own blog. It’s a good way to boost traffic – the more people that come to your website, the more engagement there will be.

So there you have it – five great ways in which anyone can increase the engagement around their blog. Engagement is great because it drives traffic to blogs and it also brings people back time and again to check what’s going on with your site.

Of course what we’ve not mentioned is that before you worry about engagement, you should be publishing only high quality, unique blog posts. If you’re having trouble writing high quality posts for your blog – or you simply don’t have the time to, why not contact us today to see how we can help you?

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