How Long Does It Take to Write a Blog Post?

Our clients often ask us how long it takes to write a blog post – our answer is always the same; we don’t know! The fact is that different niches and different types of blog post require differing amounts of our time. A highly technical blog post on the intricacies of spread betting could take us the best part of a day – whereas a general news blog post for an entertainment website could take us just a couple of hours. We write blog posts all day every day, so if we don’t know the average length of time it takes to write a blog post, no one does!

Research takes time

It’s not often the actual writing of blog posts takes the most time. If anything it’s the research aspect that’s the most time consuming. Whilst a lot of other writers will simply make things up when writing, we always go to the trouble of researching the work that we produce. There’s little point in writing blogs that are fully of wrong information, is there?

Different projects we handle require different levels of research. Different types of blog posts that we write determine how much research is needed. There really is no textbook answer on how long it takes to research, write, edit and proof read a blog, it just happens!

Once it’s written, it’s still not finished!

Most people think that when the last word has been typed, the blog post has been completed. This isn’t the case however. Here at all blog posts are edited and proof read after being written – they go through three layers of work before we present them to clients as the finished product. Some people rush to publish blog posts after writing them, but invariably this causes problems – if a blog post is rushed there’s a high chance of it containing spelling and grammar errors, and even inaccurate information.

So there you have it – we’ve muddied the waters even more since you laid eyes on this page! The one thing that you should bear in mind is that we never rush a blog post and we never charge more than our stated rates. Whether it takes two hours to write your posts – or even two days per post, you’ll always pay the same rate. All of the blog posts that we present to clients are properly researched, written, edited and proof read. We do things properly with no exceptions.

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