How Much Should Content Writing Cost?

Let’s face it, the majority of people out there looking to hire a website content writer will only ever do it once or twice. Most website owners only order content when a new site goes online – they then leave the content on the website as it ticks over quietly in the background attracting leads and sales. As a consequence, lots of webmasters have no clue and no benchmark as to how much website content should cost. Here at we don’t have the ideal answer (although our rates are pretty great, we’re sure you’ll agree) – but what we do have is a few different things for you to consider.

Remember price isn’t everything in life: You can guy headphones for a couple of dollars online, but they don’t always last a long time. Conversely you can spend a few hundred dollars on a pair of headphones and they could last five, ten, even fifteen years – possibly more. The reason why the more expensive headphones last longer is simple: There’s a gulf in quality. The same is true of the world of content writing. Lots of writers out there charge peanuts but they provide poor work – and having poor work corrected by someone who knows what they’re doing is a further expense that you shouldn’t have to incur.

Pay for quality

If you hire a top rate content writing company you can expect to pay high prices. The merits of doing so however are numerous. For one you’ll have to spend less time going back and forth asking for edits and revisions. When dealing with a professional company you’re likely to have to spend much less time chasing up missed deadlines too. You may end up paying more for the services of a professional company, but in the long run you’ll have a great deal less hassle to contend with.

The number of pages on your website and the length of the pages will go a long way in determining how much you have to pay, too. Remember lots of companies out there charge on a per word basis – so the cost of a 1,000 word article would be twice that of a 500 word article. If you’re working to a tight budget it’s best to devise a content strategy – you can gradually build up the content on your website until you’re happy with it. That means you can start with basic pages like “about us” and “contact us”, and you can gradually add more as and when your funds permit you to do so.

To conclude

So in conclusion, there is no golden number – there is no ideal cost for content writing. In life you get what you pay for – if you pay a company a low rate then 99% of the time you’ll get low quality work. Of course it’s swings and roundabouts because some companies that charge high rates hand over low quality work too. Our best advice to you would be to check out the portfolio of the content writer or company than you’re planning on hiring. Find out exactly what they’re capable of and think about price on a secondary basis. You’ll find the general website content writers often charge less than writers who focus on niche areas such as medicine or engineering.

Content writing companies charge wildly different prices across the board – there is no average and there’s no golden number you should aim to pay. Instead you should look for quality work that ticks the right boxes for you – cost should only be considered when the invoice comes in.

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