How Often Should You Publish Blog Posts?

How often should you publish blog posts on your website? Once a day? Once a week? Twice a month? The answer is that there is no answer! We get clients asking us pretty much every day how often they should be publishing a blog – our answer is always the same: It’s up to you! Clients with large budgets that can afford to publish a blog or more per day will obviously see the best results – but that doesn’t mean you have to publish a blog every day.

Forget about frequency, concentrate on telling a story

We always tell our clients that blog posts shouldn’t just be published for the fun of it – each and every blog post needs to tell a story, it needs to be informative and exciting for those that read it. Whether you’re writing tutorials and general information articles for a blog, or current news stories, the blog post must standalone in its own right and it must command attention. Lots of people out there post blogs purely for search engine spiders – whilst this might work for some websites, blogs are for your human visitors primarily – not search engines!

Quality over quantity is an old adage but it’s definitely true when it comes to content. Publish one high quality post per week, as opposed to ten poor posts per day.

Search engines are unpredictable – you should be too

Let’s face it, the behaviour of search engines is unpredictable. We never know when the next update is coming, and we never know what that update will target. If you want to stand the best chance of keeping your website sitting pretty in the search results, whilst keeping your readers on their toes, you should be unpredictable. Some of the best blogs that we follow don’t get updated for days on end – then suddenly there will be a flurry of posts – then nothing again for a while.

Unless you’re publishing a blog purely for SEO purposes, there’s no major need to fulfil a quota of publishing X number of posts per day. Visitors would rather read one good blog post per week than ten boring posts each day.

There’s no ideal figure of how often you should publish a blog post. Lots of different factors come into place. Just remember that we can provide as many or as few blog posts as you require here at – simply let us know what you need!


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