How to build up an SEO text

If you write a text, you want people to read it from beginning to end. This means that you have to captivate your readers. This can be done by building up your text in a specific manner. An effective method to write an SEO text is the following:

Use Confirmations in Your Text

It is important that your text is build up from a commercial point of view. This way it makes sense to people and it’s easy to read. You start with anticipating to the feelings of your visitors. This way they will know that they landed on the right page. For example you can say: “Are you looking for a special gift for the one you love? With this necklace…”.

SEO Product description

Give a detailed description of the product or the service that you provide with the right SEO keywords. These are the things that people want to know. They need this information, so that they can compare your product or service with those of other companies. Another advantage is, that Google sees this this as very informative, therefor better.

Use Unique Selling Points

Readers should be able to get your Unique Selling Points (USP’s) out of the text with a quick look. USP’s are a summary of the most important advantages of your product in comparison to other brands. USP’s can be about your product or service, but also about your company. The best way to list your USP’s is by using bullet points, because people prefer this way of reading.

Make a clear Call to Action

In this part of your text, visitors will be encouraged to take a certain action. Ask yourself the question what you want people to do after they read your text. Do you want them to fill out a contact form? Leave their email address? Sign up for a trial membership? The call to action gives a good opportunity to repeat the keywords that you use to for optimizing: “Look here for the perfect gift!”.

Different scientific researches show that people the way people read from a screen is different from the way that they read from paper. People that read on a computer, tablet or smartphone, prefer short texts above long ones. On a screen people get distracted more easily and reading on a screen is a bit more difficult. This is the reason that people scan texts instead of reading them word for word. To make your text more readable, you can use the methods mentioned below:

Always use a title for your text, preferably with the specific keywords in it. In an SEO text, the title is the most important factor. Keep this in mind while writing a text for SEO purposes.

Use paragraphs and make sure to write headers above certain paragraphs. It is even better if these headers contain a couple of the keywords you are using. Keep it short and to the point. Long, complicated sentences are not attractive to read. Your text will get more readable if you use bullet points.

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