How to Get More for Less

We all like to get a great deal: Whether it’s car insurance, or money off a swanky meal. Saving money feels great, right? In the world of website content writing there are a few different ways in which you can save money – with varying results. In this blog we’re going to look at the different money saving methods available to you, and advise you on the best route to take (from our experience).

  1. Outsource to the Far East: Some people think that outsourcing their writing work to the Far East is a really good idea. Here at we’re often contacted by clients who require us to complete “cleanup work” – where they’ve hired a company to write their content, but the results have been very, very poor. We’re always happy to take on cleanup work, but it’s cheaper and a lot less stressful just to pay that bit extra and outsource it to a Western based company such as ourselves.
  2. Order more content: Instead of ordering ten small projects, order one big project! The price per word or per page often decreases significantly when you order a large portion of website content from a specific company or writer. Content writers like certainty and security – if you can promise them a massive batch of work, they’ll give you lower rates. It really is that simple. This phenomenon is known as economies of scale (click the link and read about it, it’s really interesting and it applies to business all around us).

When it comes to saving money on your website’s content, don’t think that sending the work out the Far East will help, because it won’t. 99% of the time the work that you’ll get back won’t be fit for purpose – it won’t have been written by a native English speaker, and it won’t be properly optimised for SEO or sales. It cannot be disputed that there are good writers overseas, but if you want your website content without a load of hassle, it’s best to opt for a writing company or service such as ours – because we only employ native English speakers. Our writers come from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland and other English speaking territories. We have a network of writers because we have clients from around the world who often request their work is completed by a writer from a specific country.

Cheap isn’t always best

You can only publish content on your website if it’s fit for purpose. If you need 300 words of high quality copy designed to turn visitors into customers, you need that copy to be finely tuned and optimised for making the sale. If that copy is full of spelling errors and bad grammar, do you seriously think regular visitors are going to give you their money? The answer is no – they won’t.

The recession that has gripped the West for the last few years has made lots of individuals and companies price conscious, but the fact is that looking for the lowest price doesn’t always work out well. You could end up spending twice as much as you had to in order to get the high quality website content you required from the outset.


Ultimately the best way to “get more for less” in the world of content writing is to order more work at once. The more you order, the cheaper the work becomes. OK, it’s a large lump sum to have to pay upfront, but it could save you up to 50% when compared to the cost of ordering lots of smaller batches of work. Check out the pricing section on our homepage for an idea of how ordering more content could benefit your website and save you lots of money.

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