Say Goodbye to Back Links – Say Hello to Great Content!

In the past website owners found it possible to rank their sites with a few pages of content and a bucket load of back links. As Google and other search engines continue to refine their search engine algorithms, getting away with little content and lots of back links is becoming increasingly hard. This is good news for the majority of us however because it means that search results are more relevant and more useful.

Why does content matter?

Content matters because it’s something that search engines look at closely when deciding where to rank your website. The problem with a lot of websites is that the content on them is written primarily for search engines – not users. If you want to run a successful website nowadays then user experience should be the first thing on your list of priorities at all times. As search engines continue to place emphasis on the quality of website content, it’s becoming more and more important.

When searching for something you want search engines to direct you to the most relevant page – the page that contains the answers or products (or whatever else) you may be looking for. You don’t want to be redirected to a page that’s not relevant – it’s a waste of your time!

Search engines care about their market share, so the updates that we witness are all made in an effort to increase the relevancy of search results. More happy users means more market share at the end of the day.

Back links still matter

Although it’s no longer possible to rank with just a couple of pages of content and loads of low quality back links, they are still important. Instead of using automated software to churn out thousands of links in a few minutes however, the phrase “quality over quantity” comes to mind. If you can build one high quality relevant link by hand, it will be worth infinitely more than thousands of low quality spam links.

What we’re saying is that in a lot of competitive niches, high quality content alone isn’t enough to ensure that your site sits pretty in the search engine results. Your content may well need to be complemented with back links – but instead of building rubbish links, you should take time to procure only high quality links.

As well as back links you should spare a thought to the social signals around your website. Social signals occur when people link to your site in tweets, Facebook statuses and in other correspondences on social media.

The point of this post is to let you know that low quality content and loads of back links no longer work as a winning formula when it comes to sitting pretty in search engines. Now it’s all about lots of high quality content, complemented with high quality back links. There’s no two ways about it; search engines are cracking down on low quality sites – if you don’t keep up with updates you could lose precious search engine rankings, and as a consequence an awful lot of traffic to your website.

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