SEO is all about writing quality content

Quality content

Writing good content is more than just choosing the right keywords. Nowadays, writing for SEO purposes is way more complicated than just putting a lot of the same keywords on one page. Google has evolved into a search engine that actually predicts what people are looking for if they type a certain term into the search bar. If someone searches for “weather in London”, than Google will give the current weather as well as the forecast for the rest of the week. Google has so much information available, that it can even analyze what people do if they do or don’t find the information they were looking for.


Empathize with your visitors

Whenever you are planning to write a text, try to keep in mind what it is people are looking for. What questions do they want an answer to? For example, someone that wants to buy a smartphone, wants to know what features it has and what colors it comes in. It is important to empathize with your visitors and most of all: be unique! The content has to be written around the users of your website. High rankings in Google are a reward for having quality content on your website. SEO is just a part of this.

Jargon or not?

When you figured out what it is that you want to inform your visitors about, you want to know what search people use to get that answer. I some fields there is used a lot of terminology, but most visitors probably don’t even know these specific terms. If you empathize with your visitors, you will find out that the search terms they use most of the time don’t include jargon. People describe their problems or ask questions to get to the information they look for. Google has a free search term planner available, which gives you insight in the search terms that people use on a monthly basis. This is a convenient tool to use when you want to decide what keywords to use in your content. Note that, on the B2B market, people probably do use jargon in their search.

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