Should You Bother with the Google Keyword Tool?

The Google Keyword Tool is extremely useful – it’s a part of the Google AdWords setup. In the keyword tool you’re able to find out search statistics, which might not sound like much use, but if you’re building a website to target searchers of a particular phrase, it helps to know if people are bothering to look for that phrase before you go to the effort of building and launching a site.

How does the keyword tool work?

Head over to the Google Keyword Tool site, enter in your keyword(s), select the match type(s) and within a few seconds you should see the results for your chosen keyword(s) along with lots of other permutations, combinations and other similar results.

A common mistake

One of the most common mistakes found in internet marketing is when people mistake the “Competition” column in the keyword tool for SEO/organic competition. The column merely relates to paid ads – not organic listings. That said, the column offers a good indication as to how hard it’s likely to be to rank your website in the organic listings, should that be what you’re trying to achieve.


The Google Keyword Tool is used widely by novices and professionals alike. For many, it’s the only tool needed in terms of keyword research – the figures that it spits out are often enough to make an informed decision on whether or not a niche is worth entering or not, and how competitive it’s going to be. That said, there are a few other keyword research tools out there that we can recommend, including SECockpit by Swissmade Marketing, and also Keyword Spy. These tools are ideal for locating low competition keywords to target both for SEO and PPC campaigns.

The Google Keyword Tool is one of the best and most helpful tools that you’ll come across in the world of internet marketing. Unless you’re executing mega intricate SEO and PPC campaigns, there’s no reason why you’d ever need to purchase a premium alternative.

We firmly believe that everyone should bother with the keyword tool – it gives you a valuable insight into the phrases and terms that real people are using in their day to day search habits. This information is extremely important when launching and marketing websites – so the Google Keyword Tool should be in everyone’s internet marketing toolbox.

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