Three Important Questions to Ask Your Content Writer

Whether you’re hiring a car mechanic, a window cleaner or a website content writer, you should always ask questions before you go ahead and commission someone to complete work for you. Of course the main reason why it’s good to ask questions is so that you can ascertain whether or not the person has the necessary skills to complete the task that you need fulfilling. In this blog post we’re going to look at three really important questions you should ask a website content writer before hiring them.

  1. Can I see your portfolio? It’s important to check the portfolio of the writer that you employ so that you can get a feel for the standard of work that they’re capable of. If you stumble across a writer’s portfolio and it’s full of work containing spelling and grammar errors, you would be best off looking for another writer. In specialist, technical areas it’s also important to look at portfolios to ensure that the writer is familiar with the field on which you need them to write. For example medical articles are very technical and specialist – you shouldn’t just hire any old writer – you should hire a writer with relevant qualifications and experience in the medical niche. If you’re ordering articles or website content for SEO purposes, ensure the portfolio doesn’t feature work that has been stuffed full of keywords – you need to hire someone with a good working knowledge of how to write for SEO.
  2. How much is it all going to cost? Some content writers have a habit of quoting a sum for a job then changing that sum at a later date to a vastly inflated figure. If you want to be sure that the price you’re quoted is the final price with no hidden costs or charges, ask for a quote in writing from the company or freelancer. Once the quote is in writing they can’t simply add money onto it if they feel like doing so. Be vigilant against revision policies too – lots of companies out there will charge you extra if you decide that you want the content revised if you find problems with it (as a side note, we offer free revisions here at Other costs you might want to consider include adding the content to your CMS – some companies charge a premium for this service.
  3. When’s the deadline? Writers and content writing companies are notorious for missing deadlines. If you hire someone to complete website content or articles for you, be sure to get a deadline date in writing from them. Push the individual or company to hit that date – remember time is money! Our top tip would be to add a week or two onto the deadline date just in case the work is delayed (another side note: Here at we take deadlines very seriously and strive to hit them, every time).

So there you have it – three good questions to ask a content writing company or freelance writer before you hire them. Sure, there are hundreds of other questions that you could ask too, but we think these three are the most important. The first question ensures that you’re able to hire someone ideally suited and qualified for the task. The second question ensures you’re not hit with a massive bill out of the blue, and the third question allows you to check when you can expect delivery of the work.

If you’ve got any other great questions to ask content writers before you go and hire them, we’d love to hear them! Email your questions to us via our contact page and we’ll gradually add a selection of the best questions to this bottom of this post for everyone to see.

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