Three Reasons to Use Header Tags on Your Website

Lots of websites don’t feature proper use of HTML header tags. In this blog post we’re going to look at three key reasons why every site should incorporate proper use of these important tags.

  1. Header tags break up text: There’s nothing worse than navigating to a page to be confronted by a page full of dense text. The fact is most users will just bounce back to where they came from and look for an alternative page that’s less daunting. If you don’t want to scare off your visitors with lots of “in your face” text, it’s a good idea to use header tags. They break up text and give it some discourse – they usually allow visitors to tell from just reading subtitles exactly what’s contained in the following text. Header tags make content more digestible for users.
  2. They’re good for SEO: As well as presenting your readers with discourse, search engines also want to see it. If search engines see you’re incorporating the use of header tags in the proper syntax, they’ll be a lot happier than if you weren’t using them! People will also tell you that keyword rich headers are great for on-page SEO – which they are. So if you’ve got SEO in mind and you’re not using header tags at present, now’s the time to add them.
  3. Header tags look better than just using bold/underline: Some people do use headers throughout their pages, but instead of using the correct header tags, they just bolden or underline their subtitles. Whilst this looks good visually, those subheadings or subtitles are invisible to search engines. It’s not the end of the world, but if you’re making an effort to optimise your site for search engines, it makes sense to use the correct header tags, right?

As header tags go, you’ll find that H1 is the most important and carries the most weight. The point of this blog isn’t to make you go and use headers 1 to 6 in every single post and page that you publish, it’s just to make you aware that headers do exist – and that on lots of pages on your site the chances are that they will improve the usability of your site.

When using header tags remember not to stuff them with keywords, and remember to use them in the right sequence – it’s amazing how many people kick off a page with a h6, then use a h2, then finally at the end us a h5. Header tags should be used in numerical order from h1 to h6, otherwise they’re not a whole lot of use.

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