Three Uses for the Website Content That We Write

OK, so you’ve ordered words from us but you’re not sure what to do with them. Well, you’re in luck, because in this article we’re going to look at three great uses for the content that we write for you. There’s no point in publishing content for the sake of it – so here are a few different uses you can put our words to:

  1. General website content: Every website needs words! A fancy design isn’t enough to make sales and drive conversions on your website. You need words on your site – you need pages like an about page, a contact page, and other pages relevant to your website. We can provide high quality website content to publish on your site – just let us know what your website is for and what pages you need us to write for and we’ll get right on the job. Another use for general website content is as product descriptions on ecommerce websites. If you just need a few words for your website, we’re the people you should come to. We’ll get your project planned, executed and concluded in super-quick time. That’s a promise.
  2. Articles for a knowledgebase: More and more website owners are investing in knowledgebases. A knowledgebase is basically a section of articles that cover in depth the products or services that your site sells, along with frequently asked questions relating to them. For example a website for a window cleaning service may include things such as “how to care for your window frames” or “how to keep frosted glass in top condition” in their knowledgebase. If you are commissioning an article writer for a knowledgebase be sure to check out our “Three important questions to ask your content writer” post – it’s imperative that you find out the writer is qualified to talk about the niche your website is based upon.
  3. Blogs for… your blog: Lots of clients use the content that we write on their website’s blog. Having a blog is beneficial in many different ways – one of the ideas behind a blog is that you can keep a captive audience of eager readers. They’ll check back to your website frequently to read what you’ve had to say – and with any luck they’ll browse other pages on your site too whilst they’re online. Another reason why blogs are popular is because they’re good for SEO – you can target certain keywords in your blog posts, and you can also keep fresh content rolling onto your website frequently by publishing a few blogs each week. Whether you want news-based blogs, or informational/tutorial blogs, we can help!

So what do you say? Now you know three uses for the website content that we write, it’s time to get in touch with us. We won’t just write a few articles or a couple of blogs for the sake of it though – we’ll draw up a content strategy with you. This is handy because you’ll know exactly what content we’re going to write for you, and exactly why you need it. We don’t just put words on pages – we write words that offer genuine value to your readers. Every single piece of content on your website needs to offer value to human readers at the end of the day – too many people forget that!

Now is the time to make a commitment to better content and more frequent content. Get in touch with us without delay and we’ll be happy to audit your existing content and point out where we think improvements can be made.

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