What’s a “Knowledgebase”?

You’ll often hear us talking about “knowledgebases” here on ContentWriter.co.uk – on this page we’ve put together a short explanation about them and why they’re beneficial for website owners.

Ten factors that define knowledgebases:

  • They’re usually a series of articles linked to by an index page
  • Each article usually addresses a common problem or a specific area of the niche your website falls under
  • Knowledgebases have an authoritative tone to educate readers
  • All knowledgebases must be factually correct – your users expect the information given in your knowledgebase to be 100% true
  • Links to knowledgebases can usually be found in the footer of websites
  • Knowledgebases are often seen as a more comprehensive frequently asked questions (FAQ) section
  • They offer genuine value to those that read them – they’re not just there for the sake of it
  • Knowledgebases are well structured for easy access and navigation
  • In some cases, knowledgebases eliminate the need for readers to contact customer services to ask basic questions
  • Most “big” companies opt for a knowledgebase centred on the products or services that they offer

Three reasons why your website needs a knowledgebase:

  • By having a comprehensive knowledgebase that answers common questions and queries customers have, you can cut down the number of calls and emails you receive from customers asking basic questions. If you do receive an email or a call on a topic covered in your site’s knowledgebase, you can just direct them towards it.
  • A knowledgebase is good for SEO because without knowing it your site is likely to rank for a range of different long tail keywords. Remember search engine spiders love high quality content – with a comprehensive knowledgebase on your website you should get some search engine love!
  • They look professional, don’t they? When you browse the internet you’re not likely to make a purchase on a site consisting of just a couple of pages. If you can see the site owner has gone to a lot of trouble to add helpful pages, you’re more likely to shop on the site – even if you don’t bother reading those extra pages they’ve laid on for you.

So there you have it – an explanation of the term “knowledgebase”, as well as three great reasons why we think that every single website should have one. Now’s the time to think about adding a knowledgebase to your website if you’re serious about offering a user friendly experience to your visitors – why not contact us today about our content writing service to see how we can complete your new knowledgebase for you?

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