What’s META Info and Why Does It Matter?

META info is a series of HTML tags that included in web pages. These tags are there primarily for the benefit of search engine spiders. There are many different META tags out there, but the ones that website owners publishing content are most likely to come across are title, description and keywords.

Title tag

This is the title that it usually shown up in search engine results above the short description of your website. The title tag is usually the same as the page name but it may differ on some occasions.

Description tag

The description field is where you enter a brief description (of around 160 characters) for each page on your website. This is what users see in search engine results pages so make sure it entices them to click through to your website!

Keyword tag

This is where you can place a few keywords related to your page. In times gone by people abused the keyword tag and as a result search engines tend to pay very little attention to this tag. Remember, just because you’ve entered “payday loans” as a keyword on your site doesn’t mean it’ll make it into the top 10 results! Most people don’t bother using the keyword field nowadays.

So there you have it, a brief explanation of what META tags you’re likely to encounter when publishing content! It’s important to fill in META info because the more help you give search engines when it comes to determining the relevance of your site, the more chance there is of them ranking your site high in the results. You can check in applications like Google Webmaster Tools to see whether or not you have duplicated or missing META information that needs to be changed.

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